Stainless Steel Hinges
Water Slot System
Fusion Welded Joints


Weather Resistant
Will not deteriorate under constantly changing weather conditions. It will not crack or peel even under constant high temperatures. The all round double sealing gaskets provides efficient sealing against water dust & noise penetration.

UV Resistant
uPVC is ultra-violet stable which means it will not fade or turn yellow under constant hot sun/ scorching sun.

Fire Retardant
uPVC is made from non-combustible material therefore it will self extinguish once fire source is removed.

Sound Proofing
The multi-chambered structure provides ideal noise and heat insulation apart from improving the frame’s structural strength.

Corrosion Resistant
uPVC is completely resistant to salt and everyday pollutants [chemical radiation] and can be used in harshest environments.

Easy Maintenance
uPVC windows & doors have smooth surface that ensures easy cleaning. Accepts harsh detergent. The finished product is easy to instal and no painting is required. Internally beaded glass provides easy replacement.

Long Lifespan
With its weatherability and durability characteristic, uPVC Windows could last a lifetime under normal use.

Performance Features